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November 2020 Meeting Minutes


NOVEMBER 10, 2020


The BVAPI General meeting was held on November 10,2020 at the Wings & More

Located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members gathered at 6p.m. for

Social hour until Erica Hinson, President called the meeting to order at 6:33pm.

There were 16 members present at the meeting. The meeting was opened with the

Pledge of Allegiance, Jason Meaux lead the prayer , then the meal was served.

The meal sponsors were announced: Michael Jackson with Jackson Dozer Service

And Alan Christensen with Renegade Services. Sponsors for January meeting wil be;

Lorin Kieschnick  and Jason & Kim Meaux.

A December, 2020 white elephant at Wings & More was discussed  but was cancelled

Due to covid restraints.

Elizabeth Gray – Forest Ridge Teacher gave a presentation on student, Jolie Kate whom

Suffers from Epilepsy and is currently in the hospital and will be returning to school shortly.

Elizabeth asked for financial support from API  to help cover medical expenses. Jason asked

That we give $1000 to help. Kim made the motion, Mark seconded. All approved.

Committee Reports:

Scholarship:  Deadline for applications will be April 2, 2021. Forms will be available on

January1, 2021 on BVAPI website.

Roping  & Smoke: Tentative date will be April 9 – 10 2021 Chair members will be;

Erica, Kim, Michael Jackson, Bubba Garcia

Golf:  Jason reported excellent turnout and responses for October tournament.

Will continue to have future tournaments in October based on A& M Football games.

Fishing:  Still waiting on final numbers. Next tournament September 10 &11, 2021

Benevolence;  Nothing for November


Treasurer’s Report:  Debbie Holladay reported $15,312.50 in General account Waiting for

Fishing and Golf totals to be accounted.

All committee reports were accepted, approved, and seconded.


Old Business:  Past Board Members and Officer Recognition will be held in January, 2021


New Business:  December Donations were discussed as following from last year:

Ronald McDonald House; Sommerville Area Assistance, Radio Mash, Holliday Feast of Sharing,

St. Joseph Cancer Center, Elizabeth Lutheran Church. Was voted that charities and amounts continue to be the same as last year. All approved.


ELECTIONS: Voted for and approved by members:

President:  Erica Hinson

1st Vice President:  Jason Meaux

2nd Vice President: Chris Jungman

Treasurer: Alan Christensen

Secretary: LeaAnn Garcia

New Board Members:

Bubba Garcia; Kent Kieschnick; Kim Meaux; Lorin Kieschnick


Next Meeting will be January 12, 2021 at Wings & More at 6pm.

Meeting Adjourned; Motion by Kim Meaux , Seconded by Lorin Kieschnick