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Meeting Minutes January 11, 2022

January 11, 2022

The BVAPI General meeting was held on January 11, 2022 at Wings & More
Located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members gathered at 6:00 pm
for social hour until Todd Scott, President called the meeting to order at 6:38 pm.
There were 30 members present at the meeting. The meeting was opened with
the Pledge of Allegiance, Michael Jackson led the prayer, then the meal was

New Members & Guest:  We had several new members at this meeting. We
welcomed, Trey Rausheck Production Forman with Chesapeake Energy, Jeremy
Warren with Multi Chem/Haliburton, Johnny Hutchenson Account manager with
Multi Chem, John Denton also an Account manager with Multi Chem, Austin
Anderson also with Multi Chem, Roberto Perez wit BH&A, James Meyer with
Trager, Gus Longion with 5K Livestock, Robert Carroll self employed.

Meal Sponsor for this month: We would like to thank the Brazos Valley API for
sponsoring our meal tonight, March 8th meeting meal sponsor was not

Minutes online and emailed with meeting reminder: Motion to accept 1st Scott
Saxby, 2nd Kim Meaux, all members agreed.

Treasurer’s Report: Alan Christensen reported the following for the Treasurer’s
Report begore handing it all over to Kim Meaux new Treasurer:

  • General Account: $24244.00
  • CD # 1: roughly $71,000 at Spirit Bank
  • CD #2: roughly $17,000 at First Financial
  • Golf: $5466.00
  • Fishing: $2098.00
  • Roping: $553.00
  • Skeet: ?
  • Scholarship: $5225.00

Motion to accept -Lorin Kieschnick, 2nd – Bubba Garcia, all members agreed.

Scholarships: Sam Williams stated Chris Jungman did not update him on the
scholarships what we do know is that there were 6 recipients, 1 declined due to
not able to enroll in the required hours, each are awarded $750 per semester. To
date 3 of the checks cleared the bank.

Rope & Smoke: Lorin Kieschnick announces the 2022 Brazos Valley API Rope &
Smoke will be in Caldwell at the Lightsey Arena April 1-2. We will be running a
different format this year to fill the roping faster at this will be doing a Jackpot
Roping Friday night. Friday there will be a Live Auction, we will have a Raffel, we
will have someone cooking Friday night, the Jambalaya and Fried fish are back this
year. We are going to do a gun raffle with a Louie Viton purse for the ladies, the
raffle will include 3 guns a Louie Viton purse and $250 gift card on the raffle. We
will sell only 500 tickets at $25 each the raffle drawing will be held on Saturday
you do not have to be present to win. Erica reports this alone will generate about
$8500 profit that we will put back in the General Account. Todd states that profit
will provide scholarships to students and help with donations and Benevolences.
There will be a Jackpot roping on Friday night and our ropers on Saturday. We will
have cookers both days. Roping will be a new format this year more than likely
still in the works on that, invitations are about to go out. The Roping format will
be the 1st 30 headers and 1st 30 healers to sign up we will close the books. Last
year the entry fee was raised to $350. This past year Victoria had their entry fee
at $450 and paid back $50 out of every entry so they basically have their $350
entry fee going back in the kitty. This year we are going to do a payback which is
what the ropers have wanted, we have done the math and have figured out a way
to get a portion added back in for the payback. Average pay out on 1st, 2nd and 3
rd flights. No Smoke this year we can revisit in 2023, because we have lost money in
the past.

Golf: Jason Meaux reports that plans are already in the work for October once
the Football schedule is released, we have to pick a weekend that is not a home
game to be held at the A&M golf course they help cut our workload down by 75%
they do so much help. We are in the process of negotiating on another 3 year
contract with them. We have a full house last year everything we smooth, we had
36 teams 4 man scramble it went quick and made great money that goes to a goof
cause. We do know the prices will possibly go up this year due to upgrade and the
course and everything going up. Alan treasury reports $51,585.00 Revenue,
$35,613 in expenses, $15,972 net Profit. Wi try to keep the expenses level.

Fishing: nothing reported

Benevolence: Tim Bunda who works for Pinnacle Engineering Inc. was diagnosed
with Throat Cancer. He is originally from Louisiana but lives and works in
Houston, Texas. Mark Wolff requested $1000 donation to Tim for Medical
expenses. Mark spoke to Tim last week he has had Chemo and Radiation he was
not able to work for a month but is doing good and very appreciative for the

Old Business: Charities for 2021 we discussed with the Board and Officers and
voted on. $500 was donated to each of the following Brazos Valley Charities:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Holiday Feast
  • St Joseph Cancer Center
  • Brazos Food Bank
  • Chrissy Closet
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Scotty’s House
  • Voices for Children
  • BCS Together

These are all local organizations, if you have a local organization you would like to
donate to please let us know so that we can vote and make it happen.
–REMINDER about the 2022 New Membership Drive. The Board and Chapter
voted to have a membership drive for new members in 2022. Each current
member who brings in a new member in 2022 will receive credit. It will be
tracked on the membership forms, there will need to be 2 new recruits to get
each sponsor/ member qualified. New members cannot have been a member in
the last 12 months. Payout for the current and returning members bringing in
new members,
1st $300
2nd $200
3rd $100

—Also, everyone in attendance needs to pay for the 2022 membership dues, no
one is excluded. Memberships are calendar year from January – December ($20)

New Business: —All Brazos Valley Bank Accounts

#1 Vote to authorize designated new officers to bank accounts, including
President, Todd Scott, 1st Vice President, Erica Hinson and Treasurer, Kim Meaux.
Also vote to remove all past officers and designated signers from all accounts at
Spirit Bank and 1st Financial. Motion to accept- Bubba Garcia, 2nd Lorin Kieschnick
All Agreed.

#2 Update signature cards on all current BVAPI accounts including Spirit Bank and
1st Financial regarding certificated of deposit. Motion to accept- Lorin Kieschnick,
2nd Bubba Garcia, All Agreed.

#3 Authorize closure / transfer of balances from one financial institution to
another financial institution. Motion to accept- Bubba Garcia, 2nd Dean Watkins,
All Agreed.

Website Update

We have moved forward with updating our BVAPI Website and Social Media
accounts. Ranch House Designs is actively working on new web design and
content. Projected launch date is March 2022. This will be set up to send out
meeting reminders 1 week before, you will also be able to make payments online
and the info will be available on the back side for tracking.

Announcements – Todd asked if any of the members or new member have any
ideas to make the BVAPI strong again or have a guest speaker they would like to
have come speak to please reach out and let him know. Jason reminds if you
have a guest you would like to show them what we are all about they can come to
the meeting an eat for free. Also just a reminder if you donate for the raffle your
name goes into a hat for a drawing for a $100 gift card.

Next meeting will be March 8, 2022, at Wings & More at 6 pm

Meeting Adjourned at 7:51pm; Motion to Adjourn by Lorin Kieschnick, 2nd by
Sam Williams, All Agreed