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Meeting Minutes September 14, 2021

September 14, 2021

The BVAPI General meeting was held on September 14, 2021 at Wings & More Located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members gathered at 6:00 pm for social hour until Erica Hinson, President called the meeting to order at 6:46 pm. There were 18 members present at the meeting. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, Eric Kaiser lead the prayer, then the meal was served.

New Members & Guest:

We welcomed Sam’s wife Judy of 21 years, we also welcomed 3 new members, Phillip Lacy, with Lacy Consulting he has brought a couple of his consultants with him, Jason Trosclair and Dean Watkins. Donald Torres operations manager with Chesapeake Energy for the Brazos Valley Field. When I left here, I guess I was with Conoco Phillips in Pennsylvania, I was there for about 12 years. I got the chance to come back to Chesapeake South Texas, and its good to be back. Erica Hinson goes on to say with Donald being here and our golf tournament coming up in October, Chesapeake is one of our sponsors for our sleeves on our shirts, we are very appreciative, thank you very much.

Meal Sponsor for this month:

We would like to thank Jason and Kim Meaux for sponsoring our meal tonight, October’s meeting meal sponsor will be BVAPI.

Minutes online and emailed with meeting reminder:

Motion to accept 1st Chris Jungman, 2nd Loren Kieschnick, all members agreed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Alan Christensen reported the following for the Treasurer’s Report:

  • General Account: $15005.00
  • CD # 1: $70,669.00 at Spirit Bank
  • CD #2: $16840.00 at First Financial
  • Golf: $2254.00
  • Fishing: $321.00
  • Roping: $19352.00
  • Skeet: $13.00
  • Scholarship: $1,475.00

Jason states that that Johnathon with RSI payment of $700 for his team went into Donations instead of the Golf fund, Alan states that’s showing in the general fund. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report was accepted by Kim Meaux, second by Phillip Lacy, and all members agreed.

Committee Reports:

Scholarships: Chris Jungman reported 6 recipients were awarded 1 declined due to not being able to enroll in school. We have 5 that have completed all the paperwork. The check will be written in the next week or two.

Rope & Smoke:

Lorin Kieschnick announces the dates for next year’s Rope & Smoke will be the first weekend in April, which is April 1-2, 2022, Tony Lampo will be in charge of Roping. We will run with a different format this year. So far, we have some positive feedback on the way we are wanting to run it, more of a jackpot style and not round robin this is extremely tough on horses. 1st 30 headers and 1st 30 healers to sign up we will close the books. We have had some people that are wanting to try and secure a spot, so we will be taking deposits this year to secure the spot, rather than just saying we have your name on the list. The deposit will be non-refundable to make sure we get all 30 teams filled. We will need some volunteers so if you want to block off the first weekend in April, we would appreciate it. It will be in Caldwell same place as last year. The Smoke part of that is still up in the air, if someone would like to take it over. We said we weren’t going to have it last year if 10 teams didn’t show up, we had 13 teams only 6 showed up. People say they are going to show up and then they don’t. This is a fundraiser. People wanted sanction taken away, we took sanction away and people still complained. The smoke turn out has not been good in years, we will address the smoke part again at the beginning of the year as the Rope & Smoke gets closer. If we are going to do it, we will take non refundable deposits. Giddings chapter of API had several openings for roping, if you know of anyone that like to do this on the weekends it is the 2nd weekend in October.


Jason Meaux reports we are moving along really good we at our 36-team limit but we go through this every year where one or two teams drop out and one or two more join in until you get to the day of the tournament and you have 33 or more teams, but we plug people here and there and it all works out. Thing are getting better we have had lots of calls about the tournament. We are hoping to have everything wrapped up and paid off before the tournament day gets here. There will not be a party the night before the tournament. We do have the raffles after the tournament. We could use more sponsors for the tournament.


Erica reports the fishing tournament was this last weekend September 10 & 11, I do not have any numbers for it. Erica states there were about 51 teams which is down form what they had in the past, but there was a good turn out Friday and Saturday. Dewayne is going to send that information we will have it at our next meeting to update everyone.

No Benevolence


Old Business:

Erica reports she has sheets to pass out to everyone it is that time of year we elect our new board and officers for 2022. We will take nominations at our October meeting and vote at our November meeting.

New Business:

We have 2 of our directors that are coming off, so we need to have 2 nominated for that. Also, positions to be filled are; President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and Executive Board positions are all up for nomination. This is one of the reasons we will have a meeting in October, since we need to have a certain number of people present at the meeting in order for the nominations to be made. The meeting will be October 12, 2021, and out elections November 9, 2021.

NO Announcements – NONE

Next meeting will be October 12, 2021 at Wings & More at 6 pm
Elections will be held November 9, 2021
Meeting Adjourned at 7:42pm; Motion by Kim Meaux, 2nd by Mark Wolff.