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Meeting Minutes November 9, 2021

The BVAPI General meeting was held on November 9, 2021 at Wings & More Located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members gathered at 6:00 pm for social hour until Erica Hinson, President called the meeting to order at 6:46 pm.  There were 23 members present at the meeting.  The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, Jason Meaux lead the prayer, then the meal was served.

New Members & Guest: There were no new member this month.

Meal Sponsor for this month: we would like to thank the Lorin Kieschnick for sponsoring our meal tonight, January’s meeting meal sponsor will be the Brazos Valley API.

Minutes online and emailed with meeting reminder:  Motion to accept 1st Kim Meaux, 2nd Bubba Garcia, all members agreed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Alan Christensen reported the following for the Treasurer’s Report:

General Account: $26715.00

CD # 1: roughly $71,000 at Spirit Bank

CD #2: roughly $17,000 at First Financial

Golf: $13,525.00 – rough estimate the golf tournament raised over $50,600, expenses were about $ 34,500, with a estimated profit of $20,000, real numbers will be given at the next meeting.

Fishing: $2222.00

Roping: $5261.00

Skeet: $1.00

Scholarship: $7475.00

Motion to accept -Kim Meaux, 2nd– Chris Jungman, all members agreed. 

Scholarships: Chris Jungman reported the checks have been mailed out.  We are in a holding pattern until Spring, until Fall grades, which are due end of January first of February. We gave out 6 scholarships, 1 declined didn’t take enough hours. Alan states out of the 5 checks wrote only 2 were cashed, 1 was returned bad address.

Rope & Smoke:   Lorin Kieschnick announces the dates for next year’s Rope & Smoke will be the first weekend in April, which is April 1-2, 2022, back in Caldwell same spot. This year we are not planning on doing the smoke part of it due to lack of participation.  Bubba Garcia would like to keep the Smoke part open for discussion, if we end up doing it, it will be done like the Roping part $75 non refundable deposit will be collected.  We will run with a different format this year. We will be taking the 1st 30 headers and 1st 30 healers to sign up we will close the books. We have had a few guys’ express interest. We will start promoting this more sometimes after the first of the year. 

Golf:   Jason Meaux would like to thank everyone who helped make the golf tournament a great success. Nothing but good things were said about the tournament this year. Outstanding job! Alan is working with the golf course for another 3 years.  One company did not make it on the arch we couldn’t check it until the morning of the tournament due to the wind. Jason apologized to the company, and they will get a free arch spot next year.

Fishing:  Dewayne Williams not present at the meeting therefore nothing new was reported.

No Benevolence

Old Business:   We have nomination that Erica will pass out for the 2022 Board and Officers.  Every 2 years 3 new board members will be voted on and 3 come off.  Nomination are still open there are blanks on the forms to write in your nomination. Erica mentions Todd Scott he is a current API member and works for Chesapeake, on 2 weeks, here 2 weeks after talking to him at the golf Tournament he is a past president and did a phenomenal job, he cannot be at all the meetings but would love the opportunity to be voted in for our new President for 2022.  Ballots are being passed out for voting.  Lorin Motion to close nominations Alan Christenson nominated himself for President.  Nominations are closed. Kim motion to accept, Kent 2nd, all agree nominations are closed.

New Business:   The board met on October 18, 2021. We have not met on which charities to give out to, we will meet via email or phone and make that decision this week. We will send to all the members on who we decide rather than just making a quick decision.  Please email Erica, if there is anyone you have in mind to contribute to, you input is appreciated.  When we met in October, we discussed having a membership drive in 2022. So, anyone already a member and you bring in at least 2 new members (someone who has not been a member in the last 12 months) we will start tallying after that whomever has the most, bringing in the new members in November wins. 1st -$300 gift card, 2nd – $200 Gift Card, 3rd – $100 gift Card, as an incentive to fill the room and get new people in here.  They do not have to be in the oilfield related.  Scholarship push for the people with kids, get younger people in here.  Update the website, email reminder for meetings. Motion to accept the membership drive- 1st Mark Wolf, 2nd Scott Saxby, all agree.


Next meeting will be January 11, 2022, last meeting of the year at Wings & More at 6 pm

Meeting Adjourned at 8:04pm; Motion to Adjourn by Bubba Garcia, 2nd by Michael Jackson.

Ballots have been counted and new members are as follows:

President:  Todd Scott

1st Vice President: Erica Hinson

2nd Vice President: Sam Williams

Treasurer: Kim Meaux

Secretary: LeaAnn Garcia

Board of Directors : 1. Jason Meaux 2. Phillip Lacy 3. Sam Powers

Motion to accept, 1st Bubba Garcia, 2nd Scott Saxby, All agree.

Sam Williams was the winner of the raffle.