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Meeting Minutes May 2021


MAY 11, 2021

The BVAPI General meeting was held on May 11, 2021 at Wings & More Located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members gathered at 6:00 pm for Social hour until Erica Hinson, President called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm.  There were 31 members present at the meeting.  The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, Jason Meaux lead the prayer, then the meal was served.

New Members & Guest:

Diane Ruiz- Keller Williams; Diane spoke briefly about today’s real estate market and what to expect when selling or purchasing a home during these covid times.  She spoke about the “Balanced Market” a Balanced Market is 5-6 months of inventory this is the amount of time they are suggesting that the house will stay on the market. College Station housing is 1.3 months of inventory, Bryan is 1.4 months of inventory, this is significantly low, this is why it’s a good time to sell a house, it happens quite often when an offer is made, they have several other offers on the same house and the go with the highest and best offer. It’s a very competitive market right now. Grimes county has 1.6 months of inventory, Burleson county has 2.0 months of inventory, Austin, Texas has 0.4 months of inventory in March. A realtor in Austin told her last week they are hitting homebuilders right now to get their next house before its actually sold. The homebuilder’s crazy side is that the cost of lumber has gone up.  Now is a good time to buy a house if you are in the market for one the interest rate in March was 3.5%, today it was 2.8%, the rate could go up but that is hard to predict it is all based on the economy.  Tips in buying a home, when touring the selected home be mindful of smart technology such as cameras and recording devices, this type of technology is supposed to be disclosed to the realtor but is most often overlooked. If you find a home, you would like to make an offer on let your agent know so that he or she can tell you what they see on the market and give you the comparative market value this will give you an idea on if your offer is fair and would be considered.  Sometimes when making an offer you can get creative, with options like higher Earnest money, home warranty vs. paying for your own repairs, or a shorter option period.  Lastly, I recently read an article from the Texas real-estate research center, January edition. It stated that the 2021 housing market will be characterized by low inventory and strong demand. It also says that the demographic trends such as millennials and migration from out of states will help drive Texas housing demand up in 2021.


The meal sponsors were announced: Bubba & LeaAnn Garcia and Joe & Arlinda Gonzales.  Sponsors for July’s meeting will be BVAPI.


Meeting minutes from April are online Lorin Kieschnick accepted minutes and Scott Saxby seconded and all members agreed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Alan Christensen reported the following for the Treasurer’s Report:


General Account: $26,315.00

CD # 1: $16,840.00

CD #2: $70,669.00

Golf: $498.00

Fishing: $594.00

Roping: $2,356.00

Skeet: $286.00

Scholarship: $1,475.00

Treasurer’s report was accepted by Dewayne Williams, second by Mark Wolfe and all members agreed.

Committee Reports:

Scholarships: Chris Jungman reported the scholarships were due April 15, we have 6-$1500 scholarships $750 per semester, 19 applicants, the recipients are Jose Gonzalez- going to Angelo State, Julie Evanicky – Texas A&M, Darrell Beckert-Sam Houston State, Kathryn Powers- Blinn College, Ty Younkin- Texas A&M Commerce, Callie Williams- Blinn College.  Chris will be notifying the recipients via email.

Rope & Smoke:  May 21 & 22 – Lorin Kieschnick reports the Team roping and BBQ cook-off will be held in Caldwell at the rodeo arena next weekend.  Calcutta will start at 6pm, we will also have a few items up for live auction, we will have a meal and Jackpot roping that night. BBQ cook-off will be Saturday, we need some teams and some ropers. Right now, we are about 20 ropers shy of filling 3 flights. There are a couple of entries for cooking.  Erica Hinson states that Kathy Demitier will help with the judging and run everything she did that with the IBCA but is no longer with that group. She is also spreading the word to get more teams for the cook-off. Its not IBCA so there will be no points but there will be prizes, trophies, and money.

Golf:  Jason Meaux reports the Golf tournament will be held October 30, 2021 at A&M golf course. We are still a way out before getting into the deep planning stages. This will be our 40th year so we will be looking into doing something special for the event. We should start getting into the planning stages in the next couple of months.  If anyone would like to get involved let Jaso know.

Fishing: Dewayne Williams reports the Fishing Tournament will be held September 10 – 11 at Lake Somerville.

No Benevolence

Old Business:  Erica Hinson reports that the meeting has been changes to Bi-Monthly therefore we had a meeting last month and this month to get on schedule, next meeting will be 07/13/2021.

Meal Sponsorship- Increasing from $250 to $300 and asking for at least 3 sponsors each meeting.  Cost of meals to members will remain at $10.

Website- Tabled

New Bank Account- still looking into the new bank accounts.

Scholarships- changing from $1500 back to $750 per semester, the recipients will have to provide transcripts or hours for proof of enrollment.  Before they were getting $1500 in a one lump sum.

No New Business

No Announcements

Next meeting will be July 13, 2021 at Wings & More at 6 pm

Meeting Adjourned; Motion by Kim Meaux, Second by Eric Kaiser 7:30pm