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Meeting Minutes March 10th, 2020

Brazos Valley A. P. I. Meeting Minutes March 10TH, 2020

The third BVAPI meeting of 2020 was held on March 10th, 2020 at the Wings and More located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members started to gather at 6pm and had social time until Erica Hinson, President of the BVAPI, called the members to order at 6:34pm for the pledge of Allegiance, said by all present, and Eric Kaiser lead the prayer. Everyone then enjoyed the social time and meal. There were 39 members present. The meeting was started at 7:04 with a Guest Speaker, Romel Gonzales with VERTEX, Aerial Systems, LLC. He previously worked with Wild Horse/ Chesapeake for 15 years, in safety training. His company is a Drone aerial overhead video and photography company. Mr. Gonzales explained how this operation can be used in several situations both in the Oilfield operations and in various other fields that are related to oil and gas production. He demonstrated several different size drones and explained the federal regulations that are required to operate them. There were several questions asked about the various applications from use with cattle, hunting and security. If you have questions on how this service may be applicable to your business you can reach Romel at, romelid@gmail.com.

Board members in attendance were as follows: President: Erica Hinson First Vice President: Alan Christensen Second Vice President: Kim Meaux Treasurer: Debbie Holladay Secretary: Patricia Christensen

Officers in attendance were as follows: Mark Wolff Chris Jungman Sam Williams Michael Jackson Scott Saxby Marcus Cargill Committee Heads in attendance were as follows: Scholarship: Kim Meaux, Patricia Christensen Rope and Smoke: Erica Hinson, Lorin Keischnick and Michael Jackson Golf: Jason Meaux, Alan Christensen, Mark Wolff Fishing: NA After the Guest Speaker, President Erica Hinson welcomed our new member, Romel Gonzales with Vertex, Pete Orozco with Everest, Michael Dunsworth w Everest, Doris Garcia with Weatherford ALS Bryan, Greg Trujillo with Everest/ Magnolia, Joe Gonzales with A&L Hot Oil Service, Adam Supek with Summit Pump & Safety, and Robert Sanchez with Summit Pump & Safety. The meal sponsors for this month, Erica Hinson with Tiara services, INC. and Michael Jackson with Jacksons Dozing services were thanked and sponsors for next month were requested. API will cover the cost for the meal for the April Meeting. The minutes from last meeting held on February 11th, 2020, are available to read on the BVAPI web site. Erica asked for a motion that they be accepted. Michael Jackson made the motion, Harold Smith seconded, and a vote was called to accept, all present voted yes, none voted no. The Treasurers report was then called for. Debbie Holladay reported that the General account had a balance in the amount of $30,679.97, she explained what expenses were paid out and that left the balance of $30,022.35. The motion to accept was asked for by Alan Christensen and seconded by Lorin Kieschnick, and a vote of yes was held by all.
Kim Meaux was called to give the Scholarship Committee report. The new form for the 2020 year is available on our web site. Each scholarship is for one year and must be reapplied for each year. The dead line for posting application is April 1st, 2020. To be considered you or a family member must be an active member of the BVAPI. The API awards as many scholarships as we can. As of this date several applications have been received. Joe Gonzales and his brother Jose have both been previous scholarship winners and have achieved being placed on the Deans List. Members applauded the effort both of these young men have made in their studies as well as their continued efforts to help at different API functions.
Rope & Smoke Committee was called on. The Chairs are as follows: Erica Hinson, Lorin Keischnick, and Michael Jackson is in charge of the Smoke/Cook Off. The dates for this year’s event are May 8th and 9th. Information is available on the BVAPI web site and Face Book. Invitations to participate have been mailed to the ropers. This is an invitation only event for the roping. If spaces become available the information for applying will be available at the next meeting. Sponsors are currently being looked for. If you are interested in being in the Smoke/Cook Off the forms are available on our web site. The Cook Off is open to everyone and membership with the API is not required.
The Golf Committee was called on next. The Chairs are as follows: Jason Meaux, Alan Christensen, and Mark Wolff. Jason announced a date change from June 13th, 2020 to June 6th, 2020, at the Texas A&M course. The tournament will be a 4-man scrimmage with 144 players in 36 teams.
The committee will hold a meeting after the March general meeting where more information will be given.
The Fishing Committee was not called on for a report.
There were no Benevolence request for February.
There was no old business brought up for discussion.
There were no announcements made.
Erica then stated that the next meeting will be held at the same location on April 14th, 2020, with social time starting at 6pm. Harold Smith motioned to adjourn the meeting and Kim Meaux seconded the motion, a vote was held. All members voted yes. The meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm.
A 10-minute break was taken before the raffle prizes were drawn. Raffle donations made this month were as follows:
Lonny Drews with LK Insurance Groups, INC, a bottle of Peach Crown Royal.
Sam Williams with Sunstate Equipment donated caps.
They will all be added into a drawing to be held in November for a $100.00 gift card. If you would like to bring anything from your company or a personal donation please simply attach your business card to the item/s and bring them to the next meeting. You will be added and your company will be represented in the next newsletter.
These minutes were recorded on March 10th, 2020
Patricia Christensen, BVAPI Secretary