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Meeting Minutes Jan. 2020


Brazos Valley A. P. I. Meeting Minutes
January 14th, 2020

The first BVAPI meeting of 2020 was held on January 14th, 2020 at the Wings and More located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members started to gather at 6pm and had social time until Erica Hinson, President of the BVAPI, called the meeting to order at 6:35pm. The pledge of Allegiance was said by all present and Eric Kaiser lead the prayer. Everyone then enjoyed the social time and meal. There were 30 members present.

Board members in attendance were as follows:
President: Erica Hinson
2 nd. Vice President: Kim Meaux
First Vice President: Alan Christensen
Treasurer: Debbie Holladay
Secretary: Patricia Christensen

Officers in attendance were as follows:
Mark Wolff, Chris Jungman, Sam Williams,

Committee Heads in attendance were as follows:
Scholarship: Kim Meaux
Rope and Smoke: Erica Hinson, Lorin Keischnick, Toni Lampo II, and Michael Jackson
Golf: Jason Meaux, Alan Christensen, Mark Wolff
Fishing: Not in attendance

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by the President Erica Hinson by welcoming our new members, Bubba Garcia with Express Energy Services, Lea Ann Garcia with J Bar Services, Luke Skrabanek a Texas A&M student, and Lanny Drews with L. K. Insurance Groups. The meal sponsors for this month Jason and Kim Meaux and Tiara Services INC. were thanked and sponsors for next month were requested. Erica explained the cost of sponsoring a meal is $300.00 a month that can be split between 2 or more companies or persons. Alan Christensen with Renegade and Toni Lampo II with Arnco agreed to split the cost for the meal in February.

The minutes from last meeting held in November 2019, are available to read on the BVAPI web site. Erica asked for a motion that they be accepted. Shane Lesikar made the motion, Chris Jungman seconded, and a vote was called to accept, all present voted yes, none voted no.

The Treasurers report was then called for. Debbie Holladay reported that the amount of $34,305.11 was reported on December 1st. The EOY balance was $30,582.34, after a short explanation of what expenses were paid out a motion to accept was called for. The motion was seconded and a vote of yes was held by all.

Erica they began the committee reports by calling on the Scholarship Committee. Erica was the committee chair last year so she gave the report and stated that Kim Meaux will be handling it for the year of 2020. The BVAPI has given out $86,075.40 in scholarships. Last year was the most, with 8 scholarships of $1,500.00 awarded. Each scholarship is for one year and must be reapplied for each year. The dead line for posting application is April 1st, 2020. The forms and information are available on our web site. To be considered you or a family member must be an active member of the BVAPI.

Next the Rope & Smoke Committee was called on. The Chairs are as follows: Erica Hinson, Lorin Keischnick, Tony Lampo II, and Michael Jackson. The dates for this years event are May 8th and 9th. Information is available on the BVAPI web site and Face Book as are the forms. Membership in the API is not required for either. If you have any questions please contact one of the Chairs.

The Golf Committee was called on next. The Chairs are as follows: Jason Meaux, Alan Christensen, and Mark Wolff. Jason announced that the Golf Tournament would be held on June 13th, 2020 at the Texas A&M course. The committee will start to gather information, sponsors and teams and will present more information at the February meeting.

The Fishing Committee was next. The Chair Dwayne Williams was not present at the meeting but had sent the following information to Erica. The 2019 Fishing Tournament raised $13,000.00. It is unsure if this was the amount allotted to the BVAPI or the total earned. Further information will be available at the February meeting. This concluded the Committee reports.

There were no Benevolence request for the month of December. Debbie Holladay shared Thank you letters from the following charities. Hospice BV Bryan for the donation of $250.00, Caldwell Christian Care Store for the donation of $250.00, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas for the amount of $500.00, and from the Regmund family, Angie and Dwain for the benevolence the BVAPI gave for the funeral cost for Stephen.

There was no old business brought up for discussion. Erica asked for any new business. Jay Langdon asked if anyone was aware that Shawn Riley’s wife, Debbi had recently passed away. Mark Wolff stated the he had run into him a few days ago and that Shawn was upset with the API, but he did not know the reason. All members present were not aware of this tragic event and committed to reach out to Shawn as soon as possible. Shawn and his wife Debbi have been long time members and involved in all of our charity events. Debbi will be greatly missed. Our sympathy goes out to Shawn and his family.

There were no announcements. Erica presented Shane Lesikar with a plaque honoring his commitment to the BVAPI and for serving as the President from 2016-2019. Shane and his wife Brittany have been very active members and have been committed to helping raise funds for our scholarships and charities. Shane Thanked the present and past Board, the Officers and the Committees for all they have done and will continue to do to advance the BVAPI. He was greeted with a round of applause for his contributions.

Erica then stated that the next meeting will be held at the same location on February 11th, 2020, with social time starting at 6pm. Eric Kaiser motioned to adjourn the meeting and Shane Lesikar seconded the motion and a vote was held. All members voted yes.

A 10 minute break was taken before the raffle prizes were drawn. Raffel donations made this month were as follows:
Shane Lesikar with Champion X donated a $50.00 gift card to Academy and a Yeti wine cup.
Debbie Holladay with Holladay and Associates INC. donated a Basketball game.
They will both added into a drawing to be held in November for a $100.00 gift card. If you would like to bring anything from your company or a personal donation please simply attach you business card to the item/s and bring them to the next meeting. You will be added and your company will be represented in the next newsletter.
These minutes were recorded on January 14th, 2020
Patricia Christensen, BVAPI Secretary