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General Meeting Minutes from October 13th 2020

Brazos Valley A. P. I. Meeting Minutes

October 13th, 2020


The BVAPI General meeting was held on October 13th, 2020 at the Wings and More located on Deacon St. in College Station, Texas. Members started to gather at 6pm and had social time until Erica Hinson, President of the BVAPI, called the members to order at 6:33pm for the pledge of Allegiance, said by all present, and Michael Jackson lead the prayer.   Everyone then enjoyed the social time and meal. There were 35 members present.


Officers in attendance were as follows:

President: Erica Hinson

First Vice President: Alan Christensen

Second Vice President: Kim Meaux

Treasurer: Debbie Holladay

Secretary: Patricia Christensen


Board members in attendance were as follows:


Mark Wolff

Chris Jungman

Sam Williams/NA

Michael Jackson

Scott Saxby

Marcus Cargill



Committee Heads in attendance were as follows:

Scholarship: Kim Meaux, Patricia Christensen

Rope and Smoke: Erica Hinson, Kim Meaux and Michael Jackson

Golf: Jason Meaux, Alan Christensen, Mark Wolff

Fishing: Dwayne Williams


The meeting was started at 7:12 with the Guest Speaker, John Saffle-Director of Golf, at Texas A&M. Mr. Saffle explained the way the upcoming Golf Tournament would be running. He informed the members about the driving range being under construction and that no parking passes would be needed. Mr. Saffle answered many questions from the members about what kind of protections were need for the COVID-19 requirements and how the teams would be placed on the course. Jason Meaux added that the Texas A&M course and the people who run and work our event do an amazing job. With the help and advice from John and his staff we were able to combine all the teams together into one round this year and are expecting to be able to have all golfers finished within a 5-hour period. Mr. Saffle then gave us some general information about the course and the different rate packages and discounts available. At the time of the meeting tee times were already booked two weeks in advance with most weekends full during the A&M Football season. To reach John or oe of his staff members you can call (979)845-1723 or at their web page golfclub@TAMU.com


After the Guest Speaker, President Erica Hinson welcomed our new member, Danny Meyer with Jackson Dozer. The meal sponsors for this month was the BVAPI. Michael Jackson with Jacksons Dozing services and Alan Christensen with Renegade, will split the cost to sponsor the meal in November.

The minutes from the last Officer and Board meeting held on September 8th, 2020, are available to read on the BVAPI web site. Erica asked for a motion that they be accepted. Jason Meaux made the motion, Harold Smith seconded, and a vote was called to accept, all present voted yes, none voted no.

The Treasurers report was then called for. Debbie Holladay reported that the General account had a balance in the amount of $12,743.56, she explained what expenses were paid out and that there were deposits that were associated with the golf and fishing accounts that needed to be put into the proper accounts so there was a balance left of $15,312.70. The motion to accept was asked for by Lorin Kieschnick and seconded by Mark Wolff, and a vote of yes was held by all.

Kim Meaux was called to give the Scholarship Committee report. The committee will be contacting this year’s recipients about attending the January 12th, 2021 meeting for an update on where they are attending school, their Majors and any upcoming plans. The committee has requested the Officers and Board to set a budget for the 2021 scholarships. This decision will be done by the new Board of Directors after the elections as well as after the numbers have been presented from the Fishing and Golf tournaments.

Rope & Smoke Committee was called on. The Chairs are as follows: Erica Hinson, Lorin Kieschnick, and Michael Jackson is in charge of the Smoke/Cook Off. The dates for next year’s event have not been determined. Information will be available on the BVAPI web site and Face Book. Invitations to participate will mailed to the ropers when a date has been set for 2021. This is an invitation only event for the roping. If spaces become available the information for applying will be available next year. If you are interested in being in the Smoke/Cook Off the forms for next year will be available on our web site. The Cook Off is open to everyone and membership with the API is not required.

The Golf Committee was called on next. The Chairs are as follows: Jason Meaux, Alan Christensen, and Mark Wolff. Jason announced that just about everything is ready for the weekend. We are looking forward to good weather and expecting everyone to have a great time.

Dwayne Williams with The Fishing Committee reported that the tournament went well and we will have a firm amount that was raised by the next meeting.

There was a Benevolence of $1000 was given to Javier Maisel’s family to help with funeral costs and a $500 benevolence to the family of Roger Richmond who worked for Pioneer.

Nominations were then conducted for the 2021 Officers and three Board positions. All Officer positions are for One year only. Board positions are for a two-year time period with three Board members switching out every other year.

The Officers are as follows:


Position                                Current                       Nominated

President                             Erica Hinson                Erica Hinson

1st Vice President                  Alan Christensen          Alan Christensen

2nd Vice President                 Kim Meaux                  LeeAnn Garcia

Treasurer                             Debbie Holladay           Debbie Holladay

Secretary                             Patricia Christensen      Patricia Christensen


The Board Members are as follows:

Two years completed:

Marcus Cargile, Scott Saxby and Michael Jackson.

Nominations for these 3 positions are as follows:

Lorin Kieschnick, Bubba Garcia, and Scott Saxby

Members will be able to add further nominations before the vote is held at the next General Meeting, November 10th, 2020


There was no old business brought up for discussion.

New Business included:

Having a meeting/ family friendly gathering in December with a White Elephant gift exchange. The location is TBD and will be announced at the next meeting. Erica also asked the Board to consider recognizing past Officers and Board members for their dedication and work for the BVAPI.

Announcements included that the Trailer has been recovered and inventoried and is currently at Chris Jungmann’s property.

Erica then stated that the next meeting will be held at the same location on November 10th, 2020, with social time starting at 6pm. Chris Jungmann motioned to adjourn the meeting and Kim Meaux seconded the motion, a vote was held. All members voted yes. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.

A 10-minute break was taken before the raffle prizes were drawn. Raffle donations made this month were as follows:

Lorin Kieschnick, a bottle of Peach Crown Royal.

Debbie Holladay donated three 6 packs of seasonal beer.

They will all be added into a drawing to be held in November for a $100.00 gift card. If you would like to bring anything from your company or a personal donation please simply attach your business card to the item/s and bring them to the next meeting. You will be added and your company will be represented in the next newsletter.

These minutes were recorded on October 13th, 2020

Patricia Christensen, BVAPI Secretary