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August Board and Officers Meeting Minutes

Brazos Valley A. P. I. Meeting Minutes

August 11th, 2020


The BVAPI General meeting for August 2020 was cancelled. Due to this the Board and the Officers held a meeting at the Christensen home on August 11th, at 6pm to discuss the current situation caused by the C-19 restrictions in place. The meeting was somewhat casual in that nothing was called to motion and no votes were called for.


         Board members in attendance were as follows:

President: Erica Hinson

First Vice President: Alan Christensen

Second Vice President: Kim Meaux

Treasurer: Debbie Holladay

Secretary: Patricia Christensen

Officers in attendance were as follows:

Mark Wolff

Chris Jungman

Sam Williams

Michael Jackson / NA

Scott Saxby / NA

Marcus Cargill / NA


The meal was provided by API.

NO reports were called for and after the meal the meeting was started by Erica at 7:04.

The first topic brough up for discussion was having the scholarship recipients recognized at the next general meeting. The January meeting was discussed as a possibility as well, since most recipients would be home for the semester break. If held before January the possibility of having students available by a virtual meeting was discussed and will be looked into by Chris Jungman. The topic of how many scholarships we give away each year and the amounts given was brought up later in the meeting with the decision that the scholarship committee will meet and look at the current requirements and see if any changes can/should be made to be more efficient. The information will be gathered and discussed at the next Board and Officers meeting.

The next topic brought up for discussion was the Fishing tournament. The tournament will be held on the Friday night of September 11th, 5pm, for the Calcutta, and then the actual fishing will begin at 6am on the 12th with various turn in times throughout the day. The information for registering for the tournament was posted on the website on August 3rd. Since the forms are only in print out formation, Erica will contact the website coordinator and see if they can be altered to be completed online. The Committee chair leader for the events information can also be found on the website for further information. We discussed asking about getting more of our members involved in the preparations for and the running of the event. We would like to have more of our member present for this money raising charity event so our chapter of the API is better represented. I will send out an email to the current email address that I have on hand as soon as the forms are updated. If I do not have your email address please sent it to brazosvaley2020@gmail.com and I will add you to the contact list.

The next topic brought up for consideration was our meting location at Wing and More. The actual meeting cost was asked for from Debbie, who gave an estimated amount of $600 per meeting, with $150 of that going toward the Beverage supplier, she will look at the actual average cost and report to Erica as soon as she has that number. The fact that even with sponsors and members paying a $10 fee the cost exceeds the amount brough in. We then discussed how the current C-19 procedures affect how we could utilize the space available at Wing and More, in effect the cost would remain the same but the attendance would have to be decreased since occupancy has been reduced for C-19 protective measures. Erica has been looking into other location options and asked for the board and officers to consider moving to a new location. The Wellborn Community Center has been contacted to obtain a bid on rental cost and availability. They returned a quote of $150. The members will look at two other locations to obtain bids as well. We discussed the meals being catered by various companies associated with API or by individuals who are current members. Bubba Garcia has been contacted for meal bids and more information about meals and beverage delivery will be gathered and discussed at the next meeting. We then discussed Liability insurance , C-19 measures, cost effectiveness, and the possibility of a General Meeting in October. Several members brought up the idea of having a meeting in December this year with a White Elephant gift exchange included. We also talked about having 11 monthly meeting and not cutting the June and July meetings. These will most likely be brought up at the next general meeting for a vote.

We went on to talk about ways to reach out to the community in a more purposeful way. To have a greater impact through free media such as radio and the web. To have our Scholarship recipients available to assist at our events. To reach out to the Cities of Bryan and CST to volunteer our help at various fund-raising events, along with the current ones, to put our organization out there for the public to see. To recruit new members through various media and local sources.

Last we discussed the Trailer that the BVAPI owns and is currently housed outside of BCST. Places to relocate the trailer to a more assessable location were looked at. The trailer will be retrieved from its current location and an inventory made of its current contents will be conducted. The question of replacing the current adverting stickers with more current businesses was talked about along with the cost of having your companies Logo on the trailer. These and the need for more tables and chairs were discussed and will be addressed at the next meeting after the inventory is completed and the condition of the trailer is accessed. If repairs need to be made, the cost will be looked into as well as the cost to remove old or obsolete advertising.

There were no Benevolence request for the summer months.

There was no old business brought up for discussion.

There were no announcements made.

The Board and Officers then decided that the General Meeting to be held on September 8th, 2020 will be CANELLED. This information will be posted on the website and also conveyed through email to all current members. If you are not receiving emails at this time please send your email address to the brazosvalley2020@gmail.com website and you will be added to the contacts.

Erica then stated that the next Board and Officers meeting will be held at the same location, the Christensen’s, on September 8th, 2020. The meal will be provided by the Christensen’s and beverages by the API. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.


These minutes were recorded on August 11th, 2020.

Patricia Christensen, BVAPI Secretary